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Hey there! I’m Bart the Cart.

My job is to help Lake Forest residents rethink how they recycle. Like you, I need the right diet or I don't function well. Lately, I've had some serious indigestion due to being fed unrinsed items and non-recyclable items. Here are simple guidelines for what to put in your cart in order for recycling in Lake Forest to work better — and so yours truly has a happy tummy!

Follow these four guidelines and you'll help make our Lake Forest recycling program a major success!

& rinsed

Recyclables should be well-rinsed
and empty, lids on.


plastic bags

No plastic bags should be among your recyclables.


No styrofoam

Styrofoam and #6 plastics are not recyclable.




They can damage the sorting equipment.

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Take a stroll with Bart the Cart and learn about the guidelines that keep Lake Forest and his tummy happy.
Four simple guidelines
Learn more about what can and can not be recycled in your curbside pickup.
We've put together this helpful guide that showwhat recyclable items are acceptable to put in your curbside cart (and also those items that aren't).
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Recycling plastic bags
Plastic bags can now be recycled at the Compost & Recycling Center.

In addition to the local Jewel-Osco drop off, you can now drop off plastic bags atCompost & Recycling Center on Rte 60. 

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Batteries can be recycled!

You can recycle most common household batteries at the Compost & Recycling Center.
To keep everyone safe, there are a few precautions to keep in mind when handling batteries. Learn more here.

Here are the types of recyclable batteries

  • Primary cell single-use batteries (alkaline, button, lithium primary)

  • Rechargeable batteries (lithium ion, nickel zinc, small-sealed lead acid, etc.)

  • Cellphones

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